Hello there!I'm a freelance artist by night and a computer scientist by day. Always hoping to expand and improve my work, I want to attend as many conventions as possible this year.I really hope you enjoy my art!

meet the artist

There's not much to see here. I'm currently a student and I really like to draw.Please go check out my work!

The image to the right was taken at Katsucon 2023 by a good friend who enticed me to buy a mushroom bucket hat. The photo features the artist (me) in said mushroom bucket hat which I later gifted to my mother. She enjoys it very much.


Artwork is available in multiple sizes including postcard (4"x6"), print (11"x17"), and poster (13"x19") forms. The pieces are inspired by various anime, games, and cultural works.In addition to physical art prints, stickers, keychains, and wooden pin designs are also available. The keychain and phone charms also have customized ring and chain designs.

anime art

genshin art

Stickers & Charms


Attending conventions is very fun and it's a personal goal to attend as many as possible!Here is a list of previous conventions that we have attended complete with table setup pictures.

Katsucon 2023

After attending Katsucon as a local fan, I had the opportunity to have my first double table here! Katsucon is one of the best conventions for cosplay which my friends and I took full advantage of, running a Genshin Impact Yae Miko Publish House themed table in full cosplay.

table setup

Katsucon 2023 was my first double table spread and I wanted to take full advantage.Art prints and posters were displayed on photoshoot curtains in the back. In the front, one table was reserved for postcards, stickers, and flipbooks. The other table displayed keychains and wooden pins. This made it easier for customer transactions since we could take customers on both sides.The Ms Hina carboard cutout was absolutely mandatory of course.

New addition: keychains & pins

At this convention, I was able to add a new type of product: acrylic keychain charms and wooden pins. Both were sourced from Vograce and I was quite happy with the result. We sold out of nearly half the keychain designs and a good amount of the wooden pins.In the future, I want to bolster my stock and look into getting wooden keychains due to the vibrancy of the color and light weight of the material.

The first image displays my friend gracefully bowing in supplication. She was glad sales that day were good. Her mother and younger sister came by that day to marvel at us. I am not sure what her mother thought about the degeneracy of the convention, but I made sure to impress her little sister.

The second image displays another friend trying to bow but failing. It would have been even worse if she was wearing her tail.She is like a clumsy cute anime girl. Would she be considered a genki girl or dojikko? I contemplated sending the video to her father, but decided not to since she is also a violent girl.

Anime NYC 2023

Anime NYC 2023 is one of the biggest conventions I've attended and a big dream of mine. I recently moved to NYC to pursue my studies and being able to attend this convention was exhilarating.I was initially put on the waitlist, but got the notification that I got in! I had 2.5 weeks to prepare thank goodness I still had some stock!




Magfest 2024 is not technically an anime convention but a Music & Gaming Festival. Not to worry -- there was definitely plenty of anime!This was the first time I attended a 24 hr convention and I could feel it in my bones at the end. When not at artist alley, I was playing DDR and MaiMai.... maybe at 4 AM. Even if I don't get into artist alley next year, I would LOVE to attend again!Despite global warming, it snowed VERY heavily and I was snowed in on Friday. Spent an entire morning shoveling. The Gaylord National Harbor Resort had some real overpriced pizza...

snowed in...but with my dog

I GOT A PHOTO WITH SUPEREYEPATCH WOLF!!! (he bought a yuyu hakusho poster and i just about fainted)

FanExpo Chicago 2023

FanExpo Chicago at the Donald E Stephens Convention center was the first convention I had to fly to! It was super fun meeting new artists and fellow nerds in the Midwest.What was less fun was dragging my two gigantic suitcases (weighing exactly 50 lbs each to get through the airport!) in full cosplay through public transport.

new Wooden charms

A new product I debuted at this convention were my mini wooden charms! Compared to my 3" acrylic keychains and 3" wooden pins, these charms offered a more subtle touch of weebery. Perfect to add to the house keys!That's what my mother did with her Lao Gan Ma charm at least. It was very validating and only slightly offset by the fact that my dad lost his not five minutes after I gifted it to him.

Anime usa 2022

Anime USA 2022 was my very first convention. It was quite the learning experience and also great fun.
At the convention, I printed all my own prints which I quickly learned was not very sustainable.

table setup

Since it was my first convention, I neglected to take good table setup photos. However, the general table layout can still be seen thanks to the plethora of cosplay photos! Lots of Genshin Impact cosplayers stopped by (due to us being in Yae MIko and Ms Hina cosplay) to take photos. Thus, the fact we have a table setup photo at all is courtesy of this wonderful Venti cosplayer.We have a standard photoshoot poster setup in the back with postcards on wiregrids in the front.


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I am most active on Twitter where I go by @frog_well_On Instagram I also go by @frog_well_Or just follow the links below! You can probably find me by some variation of "frog", "well" or even "frogoutofwater".